MSc Quaternary Science 2015-2016: Josephine Hornsey

From palaeoecology we move to geomorphology!  In this latest instalment, Jo Hornsey provides us with a brief insight into her field and lab research which is being conducted in conjunction with the British Geological Survey.  Jo was also lucky enough to be awarded funding from the Quaternary Research Association in order to help support her field expenses.

Jo Hornsey

Name: Josephine Hornsey

MSc Dissertation title: Combined use of high-resolution remote sensing and field mapping to determine ice flow dynamics on Rannoch Moor during the Loch Lomond Stadial.

Techniques: Remote sensing mapping, field mapping, and sedimentology.

About: I am interested in glacial geomorphology and how this can be used to determine glacial extent and dynamics. To incorporate these interests, my supervisor and I developed a project with the British Geological Survey (BGS) which studied the glacial landforms (moraines, kettle-holes, and Roche Mouttonnees) on Rannoch Moor, Scotland, in order to resolve conflicting models of glaciation in this area, focusing on the Loch Lomond Stadial. This will help clarify the role of Rannoch Moor as a centre of ice accumulation in the Loch Lomond Ice Re-advance. Mapping the glacial landforms allows analysis of ice flow and, with the support of sedimentological analysis, ice direction.

jo 1

Figure 1: Looking east towards Loch Laidon on Rannoch Moor. Moraines can be seen in the foreground, with Stob na Cruaiche on the horizon to the left. (Photo Credit: Dr Varyl Thorndycraft).

jo 2

Figure 2:

 – Slope digital elevation model of area undergoing analysis on Rannoch Moor using NEXTMap Britain elevation data from Intermap Technologies in collaboration with the British Geological Survey (NERC).

B – the extent of A (Rannoch Moor) in relation to the rest of Scotland.



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