MSc Quaternary Science 2015-2016: Sylvia Kwong

Here we go with the third instalment from our intrepid MSc Quaternary Science students and we move away from the sedimentology and chronology side of things to look at a palaeoecological proxy.

Sylvia Kwong pic

Name: Sylvia Kwong

MSc Dissertation title: A comparison of chironomid-inferred summer temperatures with a Lateglacial pollen record from Tanera Mor, NW Scotland

Proxies: Chironomids, pollen

Chronology: Tephrochronology

About: I am interested in quantifying palaeoclimate changes from the last glacial-interglacial transition, a period of abrupt, rapid climate change. The palaeotemperature record from my project will be compared to the magnitude and timing of climatic change events in Greenland and to other sites in Britain and Ireland. This will provide insight into local trends and climate drivers of NW Scotland, an area which currently lacks published palaeotemperature estimates for the Lateglacial period.

Sylvia 1

Figure 1 – left: Picking chironomid head capsules under a stereo microscope; right: Identifying slide-mounted head capsules under a compound microscope

Sylvia 3

Figure 2: Orthocladiinae larval head capsule


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